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What’s Going On with Microsoft Shares on the Verge of Windows 11? | R Blog


Since 2015 when Windows 10 was born, Microsoft hasn’t issued any new versions of its software. The time has come, apparently, and the IT corporation announced Windows 11. What does this mean for the company and how it has already influenced the quotations? Find out now.

Online presentation of Windows 11

On June 24th, after several months of hints, rumors, and talks under their breath, Microsoft officially presented to the public its new OS Windows 11. As expected, this version has increased performance, a fully new design, new functional solutions, and Android applications support.

This autumn already, those who have on their computers Windows 10 issued in 2015, will be able to update it to Windows 11 for free. The gadgets must comply with system requirements.

Microsoft capitalization setting records

Several months before the official date of the online presentation was announced, rumors about the new OS started spreading over the Internet. This was a positive influence on the quotations of the IT giant.

For example, on June 22nd during the trading session, the high of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) shares reached $265.79, having grown by 1.2% overnight. This growth let the corporation get capitalization over $2 trillion first time in 35 years after the IPO.

On June 23rd, the stock price dropped by 0.09% to $265.27. However, on the day of presentation the quotations started growing again, and trading closed at $266.69, which meant an increase by 0.54%.

Tech analysis of Microsoft shares by Maksim Artyomov

“On D1, the quotations of Microsoft shares keep growing. Renewing the high, the quotations the quotations demonstrate an uptrend inside the ascending channel. As long as the price is above the 200-days Moving Average, the uptrend is likely to continue in the nearest future. The aim of the growth is currently $275. However, the price may still correct on its way up”.

Tech analysis of Microsoft shares for June 25th, 2021.

Some Microsoft statistics

In the corporation, they forecast that in Q2 this year, sales will grow by 15.8% compare to the results of 2020. In other words, sales volume must reach $44.05 billion.

Note that the company has been growing every time faster for three quarters in a row. Analysts say this is because the cloud department of Microsoft is growing. Don’t forget, however, that Windows remains the most popular OS and the main product of the IT giant in the corporate market.

Check the statistics given by Reuters: last year, the revenue from Windows was $48.2 billion, while the overall revenue amounted to $143 billion. Moreover, the number of Windows 10 users only was 1.3 billion people. Compare: Apple devises are used by 1.6 billion people worldwide, Android products – by 3 billion people.

Summing up

Rumors about Windows 11 OS by Microsoft made the shares of the tech giant grow, pulling upwards its capitalization as well. First time in 35 years after the IPO, the capitalization of the company reached over $2 trillion. Note that it took Microsoft 33 years to get its capitalization over $1 trillion.

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